Can Your Cash Flow Support A New Equipment Purchase Right Now?
"The best investment is in the tools of one's trade..."
- Benjamin Franklin


MINIMUM amount $100,000


Equipment Finance Expert Shares Their 5 Step Formula For Purchasing Equipment

  • Equipment Finance Expert: 5 Step Formula to Purchasing New Equipment
  • ​DON’T MISS: Equipment Finance Expert’s 5 Step Formula for Purchasing Equipment
  • ​Equipment Finance Expert Shares 5 Step Blueprint for Purchasing Equipment
  • ​Proven 5 Step Formula For Purchasing Equipment: Ask The Equipment Finance Expert 

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Bank With CFbank Because CFbank Banks On You!

Looking to grow your business with a new piece of equipment, but don't have the cash on hand to pay for it? Equipment financing with CFbank is your solution. 

We are a top rated lender with over 150 years of experience that gives you direct access to the decision maker. 

We help finance any type of equipment that your business needs. Everything from machinery to software, vehicles and more. There are no upfront costs, and you will repay your equipment loan with low monthly payments you can afford.

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  • Direct Access To The Decision Maker
  • ​Easy Application Process
  • Fast Approval Process
  • ​Flexible Terms
  • ​Simple, Fixed Monthly Payments
  • ​Americas #1 Competitive Rates
  • ​Potential Section 179 Tax Deduction 
MINIMUM amount $250,000

Your Down Payment Is ZERO

Compare leasing with a traditional term loan that normally requires up to 25% down.

Your first lease payment is your only upfront cost.

Have You Thought About Turning Your Already Owned Equipment Into Cash?

Use machinery that you already own, sell it to CFBank Equipment Finance, and lease it back from us. 

No Prepayment Penalties

Change your mind about your purchase? 

Sell or trade equipment for something else and lease something new from us.

Find extra cash? Tax refund? 

Use it to pay down your lease and shorten the term.

Let Us Give You A Lease Line of Credit For Up To One Year

Save time and the expense of applying for multiple loans.

Sign a Master Lease Agreement and additional equipment purchases can added to the lease with a simple schedule. 

We’ll index payments to treasury rates so you’ll always know what you will pay as a monthly payment.

Minimize Your Taxes

Equipment purchases are generally fully tax deductible in the year bought.

In addition, your lease payments are also tax deductible.

Do You Have A Target For Your Monthly Payment?

CFBank will work with you on a lease term and purchase option to meet your goal.

Purchase options are available from $1.00 to 20% of equipment cost depending on the type of equipment. A higher purchase option means a lower payment.

Streamlined Process, From Application To Funding

In just a few minutes our dedicated expert can help you identify your needs in just few minutes. We provide you flexible terms and ensure a quick approval process. 

After submission of the required financial information, we will give you a fast answer.

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Make “It” Make Cents
Leverage Company Assets for Financial Gain
“It” stands for the underutilized asset sitting in the corner of the room, which is eligible to be leveraged as collateral to generate cash flow. "It" stands for the opportunity to leverage accounts receivable or inventory. "It" stands for any asset-based borrowing that your company could access to generate funds. Let your assets make money for you! Contact a CFBank representative today.
Make strategic decisions with company assets by leveraging them as collateral. Impact your return on investment by gaining access to additional funding with CFBank. Using assets as collateral is a traditional method of leverage with the ability to set your company apart from competitors. For more information, contact a CFBank representative today.
Sow financial seeds into the future with smart lending solutions. Grow your business with a CFBank loan as an investment strategy intended specifically to acquire assets. New company assets such as equipment, machinery, proprietary software, and inventory can make it possible to mature your company and impact future longevity.
CFBank is an industry leader in commercial lending with no red tape, no long delays, or giant hoops to jump through. Our services include a dedicated loan officer who manages the loan process from loan structure to loan approval. We focus on one-on-one lending with specialized lending solutions tailored by our experienced loan officers. Make it simple. Contact CFBank today.


Reinvest the taxes you save this year, and defer the cost over a longer period. 

Establish your company as an industry leader through advanced technologies and machinery. 

U.S. corporate income tax law values the acquisition of assets purchased with debt capital. Apply for funding through CFBank as an investment strategy intended specifically to acquire assets while leveraging income tax law. 

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Lease cost saving technology and add more to your bottom line income.

Could obtaining funding from CFBank enhance your company's asset management systems? 

Purchasing operating systems may streamline and reduce overwhelming tasks by increasing effective productivity. 

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While focusing on client deliverables and building new business relationships, will your company have enough capital in the bank for unforeseen circumstances? 

Would you feel secure in knowing funds were available by applying for equipment loan or lease line of credit from CFBank?

Have the funds available over the next year to make purchases when you want or take advantage of discounts.

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